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Secure Pallets
After 6 years of world-wide research and product development, Secure Pallets is now bringing to market state-of-the-art pallet technologies aimed at solving many of the key issues facing the  logistics and transportation business. Our products include patented  pallet designs that offer a unique, integral, secure load-retention system, class-leading airflow properties and other value-adding technologies that are aimed at raising the security and integrity of the entire logistical process with subsequent gains to customer satisfaction and bottom-line margins  for growers, manufacturers, retailers and transportation chains.


The world's only globally patented pallet specifically designed to hold loaded goods securely in place.
The request for such a pallet came directly from the international insurance industry. The Secure4 pallet utilizes unique, adjustable, ratcheting-corners that enable the shipper to strap and hold the all-important base row of loaded goods securely on the pallet deck. The Secure4 pallet is specifically designed to reduce damages across the transportation chain. Annual insurance losses due to loaded goods shifting on the pallet deck in the USA alone runs into the many billions of dollars. This is a world-wide problem that has now been comprehensively addressed by Secure Pallets. The Secure4 pallet is fully recyclable, robust in design and has an expected lifespan in excess of 10 years in normal use.

Sense3 & Sense3SA

Sense3 technologies are integrated in the Secure4 pallet system and provide:
  • RFID logistical track & trace technology for automatic stock control and identification;
  • Monitoring of a shipment for rough handling and undue impact damage, and;
  • Fully programmable temperature and humidity monitoring for temperature sensitive products such as fresh fruit or frozen products.
The Secure4 Pallet System
The Secure4 pallet system improves on the basic qualities of pallets: robustness, ventilation and reusability, while bringing differentiation and enhancing the bottom-line for users through innovation in load retention, and load monitoring and tracking through Sense3 technologies.  The Secure4 pallet system is the biggest change in the pallet market for 40 years.