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The Secure4 pallet is initially entering the market in Europe after 6 years of research and development. The Secure4 pallet is unique and patented with features that now set a new standard within the transportation sector.

In researching the pallet market, management and members of the Secure Pallets team have attended trade shows in New York and England. They have met with pallet manufacturers in Europe, America, Japan and England and they have discussed the attributes of the Secure4 pallet with growers, shippers, retailers and representatives of the insurance and shipping industries – the response across the board has been generous and enthusiastic.

The Secure4 pallet system will reduce damages and save costs – it is unique, innovative, robust and solves many of the costly issues that current wooden and plastic pallet designs are not able to resolve.

Secure Pallets Holdings Limited
Secure Pallets Holdings Limited, and its manufacturing and distribution subsidiary Secure Pallets International Limited, was established specifically to bring the Secure4 pallet system to market. The executive team has extensive international business experience and the company is backed by enthusiastic investors. Secure Pallets Holdings is excited to bring this fabulous product to market and looks forward to meeting clients across the globe.


Secure Pallets International Limited
Registered in The British Virgin Islands
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Director: Burhou Limited

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