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Retailers around the world are now being pressurized by consumers, environmental action groups and governments to support, highlight and act on the need for greater environmental awareness and reduced environmental impact within the sector. The associated move to plastic pallets is being driven at Government level in all the major trading nations.
Secure4 pallets are made from injection-moulded High Density Polyethylene and are 100% recyclable.

Reduced Weight
Secure4 pallets are 30% lighter than their wooden counterparts, ensuring easy handling and transportation and fuel savings which translate directly to the bottom-line. 

Increased Durability

Secure4 pallets are on average 10 times more durable than wooden pallets.

Waste Reduction
No plastic sheet wrapping is required saving material costs, waste-disposal costs and reducing pallet loading and unloading times.

Plastic pallets are immune to insect damage and do not require fumigation or heat treatment, saving time and energy costs.

The Secure4 pallet is 100% recyclable, robust and designed to be long lasting. The construction material is never lost and is likely to increase in value, the Secure4 pallet will likely be an appreciating asset on the books of the pallet pool owner.