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Secure4 Load Retention System
The Secure4 load retention system features adjustable corners to ensure that the all-important base or foundation row of cartons or goods is firmly located on the pallet and unable to slide or move over the edge of the pallet deck. Full or partial loads can now be held firmly in position on the pallet deck without risk of damage to the load or the operator. Loads are held using a combination of the patented adjustable-corner ratcheting system and standard nylon strapping. Operators will find that loading and securing goods to the deck of the Secure4 pallet is efficient, safe and easy. Plastic sheet wrapping is no longer necessary but remains an option. The request for this pallet technology came directly from the international insurance industry. It is expected that the Secure4 pallet system will reduce load damages and subsequent insurance claims and in time lead to insurance premium discounts for Secure4 pallet system users.

When not in use the adjustable corners are incorporated within the pallet body and provide protection for the pallet frame. Moving unrestrained, stacked empty pallets within the warehouse or on the back of a moving truck is dangerous. The Secure4 pallet allows for safe stacking and transporting of empty pallets by locking the pallets into a solid column that can be held even more firmly in place with the addition of a single strap.
Product specifications
Model Description Dimensions Static load capacity Dynamic load capacity Racking load capacity
S4E Secure4 Euro 1 200 × 800 × 160 4 500 kg 1 200 kg 850 kg
S4ER Secure4 Euro HD* 1 200 × 800 × 160 4 500 kg 1 200 kg 1 100 kg
S4G Secure4 Global 1 200 × 1 000 × 160 6 000 kg 1 200 kg 850 kg
S4GR Secure4 Global HD* 1 200 × 1 000 × 160 6 000 kg 1 200 kg 1 200 kg
* Heavy Duty (with steel reinforcement)
Technology and Ownership
All Secure4 pallets are designed to accommodate the latest-generation RFID technology, temperature and humidity recorders and impact sensors which reveal rough handling. The purchase price of the Secure4 pallet is comparable with that of other plastic pallets in the same market sector. Innovative financial models for ownership are available for discussion.
Additional Stability
The unique Secure Pallets strapping retainer is a lightweight optional extra that allows for secure cross-strapping of the loaded goods. The strapping retainer will reduce strap damage to packaging by lifting the strap off the edge of the packaging and can accommodate a high level of strapping tension. The strapping retainer is fully recyclable and is a multiple use item; it provides additional load stability if used in the vertical on all four sides of the load.
Fully Compatible
The Secure4 pallet is extremely robust and accommodates all dry-freight transportation requirements. The Secure4 pallet has been specifically designed to provide excellent airflow properties through the pallet body and is perfectly suited to the refrigerated and frozen-goods industries. The Secure4 pallet meets all international standards; stackable and fully rackable designs are available.
The unique Secure4 pallet is patent protected and brings value-adding benefits. Growers, manufacturers, shippers, retailers, the international insurance industry and consumers will benefit from a reduction in damage to transported goods.