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The Sense3 system is a value adding, optional three-in-one unit that can be integrated with the Secure4 pallet and provides:
  • RFID logistical track & trace technology for automatic stock control and identification;
  • Monitoring of a shipment for rough handling and undue impact damage, and;
  • Fully programmable temperature and humidity monitoring for temperature sensitive products such as fresh fruit or frozen products.
Temperature and Humidity
When shipping temperature sensitive goods, whether they be fresh or frozen food or even pharmaceuticals, a temperature history is invaluable in establishing product quality.

The Sense3 temperature recorder is fully programmable and provides accurate (to +1°C or less), tamper-proof data. Humidity logging is also available as an option.

The Sense3 temperature recorder can be pre-set to start recording temperatures at a certain date and time. Recordings can be set to take place at any intervals e.g. every 1 minute or perhaps every 3 hours. It is expected that the recorder will on average accommodate in excess of 300,000 recordings while some recorders in the field have attained in excess of 1 million recordings.

Using the software provided, the goods receiver simply uploads and views the data on any PC. The data can be widely and easily shared. If the indicated temperatures are not consistently as specified, the products can be quarantined and the reasons and accountabilities established.

RFID technology is increasingly required by shippers and retailers as a means of stock management and loss control.
Sense3 RFID units are uniquely coded which enables each pallet and its loaded cargo, or just the unloaded pallet, to be identified for automatic stock control and tracking.
RFID data-readers in warehouses and on cargo handling systems, read the coding on RFID-enabled goods, allowing automated location and tracking of individual pallets by stock management software.

The powerful passive RFID technology, forming an integral part of the Sense3 system, allows the unit to be interrogated from ranges of up to 10 metres. The RFID system has read/write facilities and is supported by proven industry related software.
The Sense3 system combines three technologies that are now in demand by shippers and retailers. When used in combination with the value adding Secure4 pallet, the excellent tracking and monitoring of loads equipped with Sense3 is highly likely to draw the favourable attention of the insurance industry and, in time, lead to a reduction in insurance premiums.
  • Sense3 is designed as a removable/replaceable technology but is essentially an integral feature of the Secure4 pallet system.
  • Sense3SA – Sense3 Stand Alone – is a simple click-on, click-off version of the Sense3 unit providing all the Sense3 features and benefits while being compatible with all shipped goods inclusive of goods shipped on wooden or plastic pallets.
All three of the Sense3 technologies are fully supported within the major trading nations inclusive of Europe and the United States.

Visual Alert
Secure Pallets International offer a series of sticky-backed decals designed to visually alert the transporter and receiver to the presence of the Sense3SA monitor.
Upon request, our design office can produce decals that best accommodate the requirements of the shipper and/or receiver. The design of the decals takes into account the configuration of the loaded goods.

Most damage to sensitive goods occurs during handling within the warehouse or during the transportation phase.
Errors during movement by truck, forklift and storage handling systems are predominantly responsible for damage as the load is subjected to sudden accelerations through being dropped or bumped.

The Sense3 impact sensors have a simple visual indicator which turns from clear to red if the cargo has been subjected to any impact above a threshold that can be chosen by the customer.  Units with impact trigger levels of 5, 10 and 15g are available, any acceleration above the trigger level will result in a red flag being shown on the sensor.
It is now possible to prove where damages took place and who is responsible.